Alarm Compatible Voice over IP Service

VoIP2Go is not your average, run of the mill Voice over IP service. It is the one and only Prepaid VoIP service that is robust enough to monitor your Alarm System yet flexible enough to allow regular voice phone calls over the same network. It was built from the ground up for the purpose of reliably monitoring alarm systems - sound in the knowledge that the phone service that sits on top of it would inherit crystal clear calls. VoIP2Go provides a provisioning service for Cisco SPA112 devices that sets up Voice over IP on line 1 and alarm service on line 2.

What makes VoIP2Go Different?

We go that extra mile to ensure your transition away from traditional telephone lines is as quick and painless as possible. We try very hard to make our web site and service easy to use for people who are new to Voice over IP or alarm systems. We don't want to lock you into a contract and we believe that it should be easy for you to take your business elsewhere if we do not live up to your expectations. We do not sell VoIP equipment and you are free to 'bring your own device'.

Simple Phone Service

Incoming and Outgoing Calls
US, Canada and Worldwide

Use on Smart Phones

A Single Account for Billing
Connect any number of devices

Feature Rich

Intelligent Call Routing
Customize your own Routes

Fanatical Support

Whether by Phone or Email...
Rest assured we're here to help


Don't believe the hype that Alarm Systems do not work over VoIP People use our service every day to monitor alarms over the Internet

If your Alarm Company tries to sell you a cellular unit and increase your monthly fees - it's time to take matters into your own hands!

Recommended equipment for monitoring Alarm Systems

VoIP2Go recommends the use of Cisco VoIP adapters to achieve the best possible results when monitoring alarm systems. As we do not sell VoIP equipment, you are free to purchase your preferred make or model from wherever you like. We have developed custom settings for Cisco equipment and we provide a provisioning service so that we can get you up and running as quickly as possible. In order to protect our many years of investment in developing the custom settings, we disable administrator level web access for as long as your device is used with our service. This means that you will not be able to access the internal settings for Line 1 or Line 2 within your Cisco equipment, however, you are free to reset the device back to factory settings at any time so it can be used for other purposes.

Due to popular demand from our Customers, we now also allow the use of any make or model of VoIP adapter without a requirement to provision or lock them (including Cisco/Linksys devices). We provide suggestions for basic settings but are unable to offer support for specific models. We cannot gaurantee that makes other than Cisco equipment will work with our VoIP2Go Alarm Service, however, Customers have had good results with Obihai and Grandstream equipment. We will work with you to try and find a reliable path to your alarm company.

Cisco SPA112

Cisco SPA112

Simply the Best

We take full advantage of the advanced features found only in Cisco VoIP equipment to achieve the highest possible success rates for monitoring security alarm systems over the Internet.



Quirky, but popular

Our Customers have experienced good results using Obihai VoIP adapters for alarm monitoring, however, due to the overly complex nature of the firmware, we are only able to offer limited technical support.

Mobile VoIP

Apple, Android or Windows

Zoiper, CSIPSimple and more..

For Prepaid VoIP Service, you can use an IP Phone at work, a VoIP adapter at home, a softphone on your computer or with an App on your smart phone - all from a single account.

The benefits of choosing VoIP2Go

Most people choose VoIP2Go because it makes sense to use a single provider for Phone Service and Alarm Monitoring. We like to keep things simple so you know exactly what you are getting for your money. Our Prepaid VoIP service is aimed at alarm system owners who want a reliable and cost effective replacement for their telephone line. We are also experienced in working with Alarm Dealers who have dozens, hundreds or even thousands of Customers they need to migrate away from traditional POTS lines which no longer work reliably with alarm systems. We have the technology and web platform to help you get the job done. Whatever your reason might be for choosing VoIP2Go, we welcome your business and we promise to keep innovating.


We have decades of experience in the Alarm Monitoring Industry and our Customers trust us to make sure that alarm signals always reach ADT, Protection 1, Brinks, Monitronics, Protectron or any other Alarm Monitoring Center.

With VoIP2Go Prepaid VoIP Service you have one single account which allows you to connect as many IP Phones, VoIP adapters, Softphones, or smart phone App's as you like. The cost of calls is deducted from the main account but each call is itemized within it's own sub-account. You, your family, friends or other trusted associates can make outgoing and receive incoming calls on any phone and calls between your own phones are free.

VoIP2Go provide you with a Phone Book for you to enter details of contacts that can receive calls directly (via SIP URI) in HD. We can connect your calls in High Definition even if the person you are calling is on another VoIP Provider network. As all the data on calls between VoIP2Go extensions stays within your LAN, they can also be HD when supported by both phones.

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Plans and Pricing

Alarm Line Setup


One Time

  • One time account setup
  • Payable via PayPal
  • Setup within 24 hours
  • Additional subscription req'd

Alarm Line Only


Per Month

  • Use existing Alarm Co
  • BYO VoIP Device
  • Includes Prepaid VoIP
  • No Contract

Alarm + Phone Number


Per Month

  • VoIP line 1, Alarm line 2
  • Number Port available
  • Unlimited inbound calls
  • 1.5c per minute outbound

Call Credit



  • Low Balance Alerts
  • Payment via PayPal
  • $5 phone call credit
  • PayPal Charges Apply

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