Disconnect from your Phone Line

If your existing monitoring equipment is already connected into a phone line, then you will need to rewire it into a Cisco SPA112 or Obi202 VoIP adapter. There is no requirement to reprogramme your monitoring equipment as calls will continue to go into the same alarm receiving center they do today.

You will need to provide us with the MAC address of your VoIP adapter and also the phone number that your alarm panel currently makes calls from (we pass your Caller ID). If you know the phone number that your alarm panel calls to, then providing that to us will be helpful. If not, our platform will detect the number when your panel makes it's first call.

VoIP2Go also provide voice over IP phone service on a pay as you go basis. For customers using a Cisco VoIP adapter, we can provision (automatic setup) line 1 with phone service and line 2 with alarm service. Calls cost just 1.2 cents per minute and you can either port your existing phone number over to us, or we can provide you with a new number. Please call or email us for further information.

Alarm Panel Compatibility

The VoIP2Go platform is compatible with all makes and models of alarm panel and all Alarm Monitoring Centers in North America.

Many Alarm Companies have made it very difficult and expensive for their Customers to migrate their systems away from phone lines. Many tell their Customers that their systems will not work over the Internet, they charge a lot for Internet or Cellular equipment upgrades and then insist they have to increase their monthly charges.

Don't fall for it! Your security and medical alarm system will work perfectly well with our VoIP2Go Alarm Line. We have many happy Customers using our service to transmit alarm signals to ADT, Reliance Protectron, Monitronics, Bay Alarm, Sonitrol, Stanley, Slomins, Vector, Protection One and more. It doesn't matter who your Alarm Company is - VoIP2Go will get your signals there!


Some of the ADT Customers that have contacted us have been quoted as much as $800 up-front to upgrade their system plus an additional $8 per month service fee. They have been assured that monitoring service will not work over VoIP. Well, we beg to differ. If your ADT alarm system is not working over your existing VoIP service, then you've come to the right place.

VoIP2Go Alarm Line feature has been in use since 2009 by Customers of ADT and other Alarm Companies for monitoring their security alarm systems over the Internet. The technology has been proven over a long period of time with all the common alarm panels used by ADT and others. The technology supports all alarm formats so whether your alarm panel is brand new or 30 years old, it will be able to reliably send signals to ADT. Our service is not approved by ADT, but it is certainly approved by many ADT Customers that we have helped out over the years.

Calls leave your home or business over your Internet connection and we connect them direct to ADT or any other alarm company you chose. As alarm signals arrive in exactly the same way as they did when you had a regular POTS landline, it is totally transparant to the Alarm Company and they are none the wiser that you have switched to VoIP2Go.


Monitronics state on their blog that VoIP is a risky option for home security. That's because they don't know about the VoIP2Go Alarm Line feature that allows Customers of Monitronics to switch to VoIP Phone Service without any interruption to their alarm monitoring service.

All of the warnings about using VoIP services for monitoring alarm systems are valid as VoIP providers optimize their networks for voice communications and not data communications which are required by security and medical alarm systems. At VoIP2Go, our roots are in the electronic Security Industry and we have an in depth understanding of what is required to reliably transmit alarm signals over a VoIP network.

The VoIP2Go network was built from the ground up with alarm systems as the primary concern. We tested dozens of different manufacturers VoIP equipment and dozens of VoIP networks over a number of years before we found a combination that would work reliably.

We understand that there needs to be dial tone each and every time your alarm panel has to make a call. We use a combination of DNS SRV technology, geographically redundant servers provided by multiple VoIP Providers and a comprehensive plan of action to defend against the denial of service attacks that are so common in a VoIP environment.

Monitorincs are a well respected alarm company and like the majority of companies in the Security Industry, they know their business. Unfortunately, the alarm monitoring industry does not have an in depth understanding of voice over IP technology and has taken the easy way out by recommending cellular communications in almost every situation. This may be a profitable approach for Monitronics but not necessarily the most cost effective method of switching to VoIP for their Customers.

VoIP2Go have many Customers using our network to monitor their Monitronics alarm system over their Internet connection, so you will be in good company if you decide to make the switch.

Protection One

If you have an alarm system monitored by Protection 1 over your regular telephone landline and you'd like to switch to VoIP, then the VoIP2Go Alarm Line feature will allow you to do that without any interruption of monitoring service. There's no need to pay for a Protection One technician to call out and install costly new cellular equipment when it's really not required.

Protection One may try to convince you otherwise because it is not profitable for them to allow their Customers to switch to VoIP. It's much easier for them to jump on the Security Industry band wagon and simply state that alarm systems do not work over VoIP. That statement is partially true of course when using regular third party VoIP providers who's networks are optimized for crystal clear voice. Alarm systems send signals via data and the methods used to achieve clear voice communications have negative effects on alarm monitoring.

We have many happy Customers using our service to monitor their Protection One security or medical alarm systems. All you need is a Cisco or Obihai ATA that you can order from Amazon for under $40. Connect your Protection 1 alarm panel into one end, connect the other end into your Internet equipment and setup is complete. The SPA112 and Obi202 have two RJ11 phone ports. You connect a regular phone handset into port 1 for making phone calls via the VoIP2Go phone service and connect your alarm panel into port 2 for alarm monitoring.

What Happens When You Press the Medical Alert Button on your PERs or SOS Cell Phone

When the Medical Alert system is activated, it automatically contacts our Medical Alert Monitoring centers. We have a team of trained emergency response professionals who are ready to answer when you push the help button and are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. When the high speed (two-way) connection is complete, you'll hear the reassuring voice of one of our trained Operators.

Here's what happens next:
Your Personal Profile will appear on a computer screen before a live, trained Operator.
The Operator will identify themselves and ask if you if you need help.
The Operator will take appropriate actions depending on what you tell us is going on.
If we can't hear you, or you are unable to talk, we immediately dispatch your keyholder and/or an EMS to your home.
We notify the people on your Personal Profile list (neighbor, doctor, family) if there is an emergency situation via phone call
We stay on the line until help arrives

Your contact and medical information is kept strictly private and collected on your Personal Profile prior to activating our monitoring service. The Monitoring Center Operators have this information at the time your call is received. They can tell EMS about any conditions you may have, and even how to enter your home if your door is locked. And our Operator stays on the line until help arrives, monitoring the situation, letting you know you are not alone.

Our Monitoring Operators specialize in Medical Alert monitoring and interacting with seniors. We conduct extensive background checks and screenings, looking for Operators who truly care about the people they serve.