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Simple, Modern Web Site

At VoIP2Go, we pride ourselves on making something that is so powerful and complex behind the scenes appear to be so simple and user friendly up front.

Powerful VoIP Platform

We design and develop our own custom VoIP solutions as value added features on top of powerful back end systems provided by our trusted industry partners.

Affordable Phone Service

We have no unlimited* plans to tempt you and we have no contracts for you to sign. We much prefer to let our consumer friendly VoIP service speak for itself.

One of the advantages of VoIP2Go is you only pay for what you use

At last! Someone that understands how complicated Voice over IP is and that the majority of consumers do not know or care how it works. The goal of VoIP2Go is to remove the complexity from the setup process and to make sure the service works reliably in the long term.

We are happy to manage your VoIP equipment for you so you don't need to worry about the hundreds of settings found in most VoIP Phones and adapters these days.

We access the Internet on many different devices today. The VoIP2Go web site and VoIP service has adapted quickly to changes in technology and you can just as easily manage your VoIP2Go service from your smart phone as you can from a full size computer.

You can connect to our service and make calls using any type of smart phone, IP Phone, softphone or VoIP adapter.

Although we put a lot of effort into hiding the complexity of our VoIP Platform from the end user, you can rest assured that it is very powerful under the hood. We utilize an industry standard platform from a carefully selected partner as our back end and we are in a constant cycle of developing and adding new features requested by our Customers. VoIP2Go grows and gets more powerful every working day.

No matter how simple, flexible or powerful our service might be, we know full well that you would not use it if it was not reasonably priced. We refuse to compete in the race to the bottom that has been going on in the consumer VoIP industry for some time, yet we do strive to offer good value for money. We cannot offer you the lowest rates on the market but we assure you that we try to be competitive as we can without sacrificing quality of service. We believe our rates are fair and affordable.

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