Using your Phone Line

If your existing monitoring equipment is already connected into a phone line, then there are no physical connections to make or change. You will however, need to have access to the programming section of your alarm panel as you will be required to enter our phone number and an account code that we will allocate to you when you place an order. Our monitoring service requires that your monitoring equipment uses the Contact ID alarm format. If your equipment does not support Contact ID, then please contact us to discuss your options further.

If you do not have the ability to reprogramme your monitoring equipment, then all is not lost. You have the option of using any make or model of VoIP adapter that will ignore any phone number your alarm panel dials and send all calls to us over your Internet connection. The end of life for the Cisco SPA112 model was July 2020 but it's likely they will be available in stores for some time after that.VoIP equipment manufacturer Obihai got taken over by Polycom but devices are still on sale and compatible with our platform. Grandstream have become the company to work with as they continue to develop their line of Voice over IP analog terminal adapters. We can work with any VoIP ATA so the choice is yours.

Using your Internet Connection

Purchase a VoIP adapter and let us know it's MAC address. It will be helpful if you can provide the phone number that your alarm panel currently makes calls from and also makes alarm calls to. We will email instructions on how to download our custom settings into your device. To take advantage of our $6.95 monitoring service, your alarm equipment needs to support the Contact ID alarm format. We have slightly more expensive services available for systems that do not support Contact ID, so please email us for further information.

If you want to use a DSC, AlarmNet or other IP communicators then please get in touch to let us know which model you have and we will provide you with a quotation for monthly monitoring service if we support it. You will be responsible for all equipment setup and programming - we simply offer the ability to receive alarm signals and provide the monitoring service.