IP PBX for Windows

The VoIPGo PBX software was designed for people who want to manage their own simple IP PBX on a device or computer running the Microsoft Windows operating system. Like you, we've done all the Google and Bing searches for Windows PBX and came up with the same answers. It's basically 3CX or nothing!

3CX is a powerful PBX, but as it's the only real choice for people who must run Windows, we decided to take some of the functionality from the VoIP2Go server based platform and put it into a compact .exe file that can be run on a computer or device within a home or office environment. No setup, no database, no web server, no XML files, just a single executable file that can be run from any location on a Windows PC, laptop, tab or other device like the Raspberry Pi 2.

You can setup your PBX using a web browser and the VoIP2Go platform so that all of your configuration data is stored in the Cloud. When your VoIP2Go PBX starts up, it goes to the VoIP2Go server, grabs all of your configuration data and stores it in it's memory so that it can continue to function even if the VoIP2Go service becomes unnavailable (an event which has yet to happen).

The concept is simple. When you dial a 2 or 3 digit number, the VoIP2Go PBX will route calls between your phone extensions. Extensions can be physically located within your local area network or remotely at peoples homes or offices. As long as the relevant routers and VoIP devices are setup correctly, the VoIP2Go Windows PBX will connect calls directly between devices so that you get the best possible call quality. This is called 'Direct Media' as opposed to 'Proxy Media' where audio packets are relayed through a VoIP provider in between a caller and calle.

When you dial 4 or more digits, the VoIP2Go PBX will use your VoIP2Go account to connect you to any of the Speed Dial number you have added to your Phone Book in the VoIP2Go web platform. When you dial 7 or more digits, the PBX software will place you call through your regular VoIP2Go phone service account.

Make call between extensions in your network even if your Internet connection is down