Think of VoIP2Go as on Steroids

Whenever we make phone calls at VoIP2Go, we use We share many of the same values and business practices and they are just all round decent guys. Enough of the praises, let's get down to the reasons why VoIP2Go exists in the first place.

We have had a keen interest in the VoIP industry ever since we started developing a solution for the Security Alarm industry to overcome the problems caused by VoIP. We have watched and others grow over several years and we have tested and used their services to gain a deeper understanding of their networks. Without beating around the bush, or naming names, there are some glaring inadequacies with almost every VoIP provider we know of. The aim of VoIP2Go is to build a single platform to take advantage of the best features on offer from the various popular VoIP Providers, overcome the inadequacies and add a few cutting edge features of our own.

VoIP2Go use Anveo when Least Cost Routing is required...

Built on top of

Our Basic Prepaid Plan utilizes the network of - one of the most respected VoIP Providers in North America. Their service and support has been proven over many years and VoIP2Go are proud to build value added services on top of their reputation for excellence. provide us with a reseller platform and other tools to assist us in developing new features that themselves may not want to implement. As developers of VoIP software and platforms, this presents us with an ideal opportunity to work with the VoIP community to come up with real world solutions that make for a better all round VoIP experience.

By far the most important reason we selected as our partner was their honesty with Customers. We want to continue with that up-front approach and explain how we make money. It's really very simple. bill us at six second increments and we bill our Customers at 1 minute increments. On some calls we make nothing at all, on others we make a small amount. Our Customer base is made up of individuals and businesses who think that the value added services we provide justify the small increase in cost.

DNS SRV Auto Failover

There have long been requests from Customers for DNS SRV support. DNS SRV Records allow a list of IP addresses for a single domain name. VoIP devices that support DNS SRV Records download a list of IP addresses from the DNS SRV Record and register to the one with the highest priority. If the highest priority server goes down, then the device will automatically register with the next highest priority IP address in the list. The VoIP device will periodically check the highest priority IP address and switch back to it when it comes available. have not implemented DNS SRV support and it is likely down to the requirement for devices to register with a single server in order to reliably receive incoming calls.

For Customers that only make outgoing calls, the lack of DNS SRV support is a little frustrating as they have to manually switch registration servers when there are failures. VoIP2Go have setup a batch of domain names with DNS SRV Records that contain a list of logically grouped servers. For example, users of our service in Canada might want to choose the domain that comprises of, and

Please note that although the use of DNS SRV Records on our Basic Plan improves redundancy, it does not include protection from denial of service attacks directly on If all of the servers were to fail at the same time, then you would not be able to make calls. This is an acceptable risk for many Customers but if completely losing voice service is not an option, then you should consider using our DDoS add-on.

DID Failover

When you have a phone number (DID), you lose the ability to receive calls if the server you are registered with fails. You may not detect this failure for some time and this raises situations that range from a minor inconvenience to a substantial financial loss due to missed calls. VoIP2Go aim to address this problem by utilizing the SIP URI failover feature provided by Our users can use the DNS SRV enabled VoIP2Go domain name of their choice and have their VoIP device send regular Keep-Alive packets to our own servers. The SIP URI can be set to point to our servers and will send all incoming calls to our servers. As our servers receive Keep-Alive packets, they know the location of each registered device and have a pathway into the device in order to forward calls.

We are planning to develop an alternative solution to the single server registration for incoming calls problem by utilizing the API. For VoIP2Go users using VoIP equipment or softphones that do not support DNS SRV, we are able to detect server failures and change the POP settings of relevant DID's within the network.

Network Supervision and Alerts

The VoIP2Go platform can monitor your Internet connection and alert you via email or SMS when it is down for intervals of 15 minutes or more. You can increase the supervision interval accordingly if your Internet connection is not stable and you find that you are receiving too many alerts. You can also receive alerts when your network connection recovers or when your IP address changes and an audit trail of all network events is available from the VoIP2Go platform at any time.

DNS Redundancy

DNS Redundancy has been overlooked by almost every VoIP provider in the industry - included. Even the largest DNS Providers with their massive anycast networks and financial resources admit they are vulnerable to DDoS attacks, yet for some reason chose to handle their own DNS. VoIP2Go utilize the most robust DNS Providers in the business for Primary DNS and failover to a backup provider for Secondary DNS. If the domain name goes down, all of their servers go down with it. VoIP2Go will keep your VoIP service going by routing your calls through one of our many backup providers.

DNS SRV Failover

This is the one that many happy users have been asking for over the years but for some reason has not been implemented. VoIP2Go have setup multiple domains names with DNS SRV Records configured to use our servers first and failover to This setup allows us to provide you with additional features when you are connected to our own servers but have the comfort of knowing your device will automatically connect to servers if the VoIP2Go domains or SIP servers are attacked.

Provider Redundancy

We think are fantastic. We have built good relationships with a number of other VoIP Providers too, but all too often we have watched from the sidelines as each of them have experienced their own set of difficulties and failures over the years. We do not believe that any single VoIP Provider can offer 100% availability of their services and that's why VoIP2Go has dozens of the worlds best VoIP Providers under the hood. VoIP Provider Redundancy is our single most important feature for making sure that VoIP2Go customers always have dial tone when they pickup the phone.