Sorry - Obihai just don't cut it!

When you want to use the most flexible VoIP service around, it makes sense to use the most feature-rich VoIP equipment on the market. Like many before us, we fell into the trap of believing that Obihai were one of the most advanced VoIP equipment manufacturer in the world today. We thought they had developed a cutting edge Cloud platform that would allow easy setup and smart management of any number of VoIP devices. That proved to be a mistake.

VoIP2Go originally partnered with Obihai so that our Customers could take advantage of all the features that were supposed to come with using Obihai equipment and the OBiTALK Device Management Portal. What we found instead was that our Customers became increasingly more frustrated after each and every visit to the OBiTALK portal.

The OBiTALK Device Management Portal

Obihai Device Setup

We spent a lot of time trying to integrate VoIP2Go configuration profiles into the OBiTALK Device Management Portal, but we had to give up. When you use VoIP2Go, we want you to have a simple sign-up process followed by an even simpler device setup procedure. The OBiTALK portal failed miserably in helping us to accomplish that goal.

VoIP2Go has many premium quality VoIP Providers under the hood. Our aim is to combine the best of our VoIP service partners to offer you a value added service like no other - without the confusion of OBiTALK!