Obi1062 IP Phone from Obihai

One of the coolest features of the Obi 1062 IP Phone is it's support for HD calls using a choice of wideband codecs like G722. It's easy to make HD calls with VoIP2Go. We provide you with a Phone Book so that you can let the VoIP2Go platform know which of your Contacts have HD Phones. Simply enter a SIP URI for each of your Contacts and VoIP2Go will connect your calls directly - point to point. Not only does this allow the two HD capable phones handle codec negotiation without interference from our VoIP server, the media goes direct between the two endpoints keeping latency to an absolute minimum.

When being without phone service for your Obi1062 IP Phone is simply not an option, you need to take additional steps and scratch below the surface to find out what measures your VoIP provider has in place to ensure service continuity. The VoIP2Go network is so robust that not only can you rely upon it to get the best out of your Obi1062 as part of our Hosted PBX Platform, you can trust it for monitoring security alarm systems. Our network is spread over 60+ servers in dozens of countries with proven denial of service protection. All of this is available for just $5 per month payable via PayPal subscription.

The Obi1062 IP Phone uses the OBiTALK cloud based management portal for easy plug-n-call setup. They have an LCD display and all the features you'd expect from a cutting edge manufacturer like Obihai. The phone was released in August 2014 and can be purchased on Amazon. It is perfect for use with the VoIP2Go Hosted PBX Platform.

VoIP2Go is integrated into Obihai's OBiTALK portal and it's very simple to download VoIP2Go settings into the OBi1062 IP Phone so that you can be making and receiving calls within minutes of taking it out of the box. We can help you set it up, we can help you keep it running smoothly and we can help you get the most out of the extensive feature list. The OBi1062 IP phone electronics and acoustics were designed and developed by Obihai engineers in California. They are built with a high performance system-on-a-chip platform to guarantee crystal clear phone calls. In-service management and software upgrades keep maintenance requirements to an absolute minimum. G722, G711, G726, G729, iLBC and OPUS VoIP codecs are supported to avoid transcoding and ensure you are always able to get connected with optimum quality.

Device-to-device calling is available as standard via the VoIP2Go platform and also via the OBiTALK platform using the proprietary OBiTALK voice protocol. One thing that is special about the VoIP2Go service is that when you make an internal call within your LAN, the voice portion of the call remains within your LAN and flows directly between your VoIP phones. VoIP2Go does not proxy media for internal calls.

OBi1062 Hosted PBX

When the OBi 1062 is connected to the VoIP2Go Phone Service, it becomes a powerful Hosted PBX Platform. The vast array of features in the OBi1062 IP Phone are supported within our VoIP Platform and we also added a few 'smarts' of our own. You can use feature codes to select the lowest cost or highest quality routes on a call by call basis. You have the option to connect calls through servers that proxy media or servers that use direct media. Employees in International offices can connect to servers in over a dozen countries to achieve the highest possible call quality - all from a single account for billing purposes.

  • Obihai Call Routing and Bridging Technology
  • 16-Key Side Car Option – Up to Two Side Cars per Phone
  • Built-In Five Party Conference Bridge
  • Secure Encrypted Voice Communication
  • Do Not Disturb – Do Not Ring
  • High Definition Codecs
  • Setup and manage via OBiTALK Portal
  • Easy purchase on

Important Update

After many years of working with Obihai and promoting their equipment, VoIP2Go no longer support Obihai VoIP adapters or IP Phones. The Obi1000 range of IP Phones was simply the last straw. The firmware is overly complex and it seems like there is a never ending cycle of fix something, break something, fix something else, break something else. The High Definition feature was a huge disappointment for us as we had high expectations.

One minute they support Google Voice, the next they no longer support it and soon after they support it again. There is no public explanation for any of the very strange things that they do. That's the 'Obi Way'. We put up with it for a very long time, but we refuse to waste any more of our time on their buggy products. Our advice to our Customers is to forget about the Obi1062 IP Phone and head on over to the Grandstream or Cisco web sites for much more stable and less costly VoIP equipment.