Obi1032 IP Phone from Obihai

At VoIP2Go, our top priority is to make sure you always have dial tone. We go to extraordinary lengths to protect our network from server failures and Denial of Service attacks. We use over 60 geographically redundant servers and DNS SRV records to provide the highest possible service availability on behalf of our Customers. The OBi1032 IP Phone fits into this equation perfectly by providing all the features we need to keep your phone service up an running.

The OBi1032 is the entry level model from the OBi1000 Series of IP Phones and it really packs a punch. It has all the features you will ever need for your small business when it is connected to the VoIP2Go Platform. Some of the features you might like are Speed Dialing by code of 99 OBi endpoints, buddies or numbers (E.164 or URI). Personal Phone Book (each entry with multiple numbers, photo and grouping). Hot Line and Warm Line calling. Five-way conference calls with local mixing. A large TFT RGB display gives you a visual indication of what is going on under the hood.

The phones have the familiar Obihai firmware inside and they plug straight into the VoIP2Go platform. All you'll need to do is connect the OBi1032 IP Phone into your router, lift the handset and start making calls. This is much more convenient than having a seperate VoIP box (ATA) like the Obi100 or Obi200 range and connecting an old analog phone handset. The Line, Feature, Mute, Speaker and Headphone keys are illuminated. There are also Keypad, Home, Cancel/Return, five-way navigation plus four context sensitive soft keys. There are individual adjustments for the ringer, headset, speaker and handset. Don't worry about someone running off with your IP Phone as there is a Kensington Lock Port that fits to standard locking apparatus to keep the device secure.

Your privacy can be protected by using SIP over TCP with TLS. There is a configurable Contact List for inbound call routing, plus the Do Not Disturb, Caller ID and Anonymous Call Block features are available to minimize robo calls. The Personal Contact Phone Book has Import/Export/Sync functions with Call History and Picture Caller ID. Gone are the days where you need to wade through hundreds of pages of equipment manuals just so you can make your first call. All of the complexity that comes along with Voice over IP is hidden from you because the OBi 1032 has all of the VoIP2Go configuration settings entered and updated automatically via the Cloud based OBiTALK device management platform.

VoIP2Go Hosted PBX Platform

When the VoIP2Go VoIP Service is us used in combination with the OBi 1032, it becomes a powerful Hosted PBX Platform with all the features you'll ever need. All of the features found in the Obi1000 Series IP Phones are supported within our VoIP Platform and we add a few of our own to complete the offering. You can use star codes to select the lowest cost or the highest quality routes on a call by call basis. You can choose to connect calls through servers that proxy media or servers that use direct media. Users in your overseas offices can take advantage of servers in over a dozen countries to get the highest quality of calls and all of this can be done from a single account for billing purposes.

  • Multi-Line / Multiple Calls
  • Shared Call / Bridged Line Appearance
  • Call Waiting / Call Queueing
  • Call Park and Call Un-park
  • Blind or Attended Call Transfer
  • HD calls with G722 Codec
  • Easy to purchase via
  • Easy to setup via OBiTALK

Buyer Beware!

VoIP2Go have made the decision to drop support for Obihai VoIP ATA's and Phones. Their latest range of IP Phones have been costing us so much in additional support requests that it is no longer viable to support their products. The firmware is in a never ending cycle of fix something, break something. After many years of working with Obihai to help develop their products, we have finally given up on them. Many of the things they do as a company make no sense to us. After doing things the 'Obi Way', there is never any public explanation of the reasons behind their decisions.

VoIP2Go, and it seems like many others, are turning back to trusty manufacturers like Grandstream and Cisco. They offer stability and reliability at a very reasonable cost. They are no less innovative than Obihai and we advise our Customers to give the Obi1032 a wide berth and go see what Cisco and Grandstream have to offer instead.