VoIP2Go has Servers around the Globe

If you have offices in more than one country then the location of VoIP servers becomes critical. There's no point an American business having employees in their Australian office making calls to Customers within Australia and the voice communications have to pass through servers in the USA. VoIP equipment in your overseas offices should always connect to a server in the same country and in the same city where possible.

VoIP2Go places particular importance on connecting your office extensions together using the shortest possible route. Even if the extensions in your London office are connected to a server in New York, then the voice portion of calls between two extensions within the London office should not be bouncing back and forth across the Atlantic Ocean. Internal calls should be just that. You may require an external server to connect the two extensions together, but the actual conversation should stay within your local network. The security benefits are obvious and the call clarity is too.

The same applies to connecting remote extenstions in different cities or countries. VoIP2Go connects calls between your extensions directly together without passing through a 3rd party server. Using the shortest possible route like this, your calls encounter the minimum possible latency (delay) and you get crystal clear communications as a result.

Out of the 60+ servers we have access to worldwide, three of them reside in different data centers in London, UK. They are operated by three different VoIP2Go partners and we are able to seamlessly switch between them to take advantage of the best features, routes and rates on your behalf. If your company has an office in London, then your employees can make calls from our London servers while your employees in Sydney would use our Australian servers and users in New York would use our New York servers. Calls between offices would bypass all of our servers and we connect you direct to get the shortest possible route. Regardless of which of our servers you use, everything falls under a single account for billing purposes.

One of our servers is housed at Telehouse Docklands North, Coriander Avenue 14, which is the international landing point for all major carriers. Our other servers are in different data centers to provide Geographic Redundancy for when things go wrong. Two of our London servers proxy media and the third offers local media. It is useful to have this flexibility when deciding which method is best for terminating your calls. Whether your goal is to reduce your call costs or increase their quality, VoIP2Go can work with you to find the best possible routes for your calls.

  • New York to Los Angeles and many cities in between
  • Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver
  • London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Nuremberg, Paris, Stockholm
  • Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore
  • Free calls between all phones - regardless of location
  • Local RTP Media for minimum latency
  • Intelligent Call Routing to provide maximum quality
  • All offices, users and phones share a single account for billing