G722 HD Codec Support

VoIP2Go offer Solutions - not Excuses! Perhaps the most common excuse offered up by VoIP Providers that do not allow wideband calls to pass through their network is 'Lawful Interception'. If the government in the VoIP Provider's country want access to their citizen's phone calls, then the media portion of calls must be relayed through the VoIP Provider's network. The technical term for this is 'proxying media'.

Although it is not actually the case, the words HD and wideband cunjure up visions of VoIP devices consuming huge amounts of bandwidth and as bandwidth costs money, VoIP Providers who proxy media have to give careful consideration to supporting the technology. Perhaps the way they look at it is, why spend more time and money investing in a technology that they cannot charge any extra for?

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Understand the Limitations of HD Calling

So that you don't become disillusioned with the technology, you should understand that wideband codecs like G722, G722.2 and Opus do not work with traditional landline phone lines (PSTN/POTS). Both you and the person at the other end of a call need to have HD capable VoIP equipment and calls need to stay 'on net', that is to say both the caller and callee have to use the Internet and HD capable VoIP equipment or software. A common situation that users find confusing is when they have an account with VoIP Provider A and they make a HD call to someone with a HD phone at VoIP Provider B, the call is not connected using the G722 Codec. This is because when you dial a 'VoIP DID' (Direct Inward Dial) phone number, the call is put back onto the old copper phone network - which does not support G722. It's a crazy situation, but that's how it works today.

How VoIP2Go helps you bypass Restrictive Practices

The task is clear. In order for VoIP2Go to connect two phones together using wideband Codecs, calls have to be setup in such a way that they go point to point. There are many hurdles in the way, but the good news is that with a little bit of extra effort, it's actually possible to get the job done. VoIP2Go includes a Phone Book for you to manage Contacts that have special requirements. As there is very limited support for wideband codecs with VoIP Carriers, the only way to achieve HD calls is to connect two supported devices together directly - point to point. Enter a SIP URI for each Contact capable of receiving calls in HD and VoIP2Go will connect your two phones together. We recognize that it makes no sense for a VoIP Provider to get involved in codec negotiation. Once two phones are connected together, they are well capable of handling codec negotiation between themselves.

  • VoIP2Go Encourages the use of HD