Call Rates

Just 1 cent per minute to 48 States in the USA and most Provinces in Canada

VoIP2Go rates are comparable with most of our competitors, however, we focus more on quality than cost. All calls are billed by the minute and you can view itemized Call Detail Reports from your account in our web site at any time. Please note that in order to protect our Customers from fraud, we do not allow calls to certain international and premium destinations by default. If there are any destinations that you need to call, but are blocked by our system, then we can easily enable them for you upon request. There are also maximum call durations in effect to prevent fraud. If you have a requirement to make lengthy calls on a regular basis, then we can lift this restriction on your account. Calls to US and Canadian toll free numbers are generally free.

USA 48 States

$0.01 per minute

  • Alaska - 3.17c per minute
  • Hawaii - 1.63c per minute
  • Toll Free - FREE
  • SMS In - 2c
  • SMS Out - 5c

Canada Most Provinces

$0.01 per minute

  • 867 Yukon - 0.19
  • North West Territories - 0.19
  • Nunavut - 0.19
  • 310 Service - 0.0125
  • Toll Free - FREE

International Landline and Mobile

$0.01 start from

  • Russia from 1c
  • India from 2c
  • Bahamas from 11c
  • Barbados from 12c
  • Australia from 1.2c

UK Landline and Mobile

$0.01 start from

  • Fixed geographic $0.01
  • Special service - $0.015
  • O2 Mobile 15c
  • Orange Mobile 11c
  • T-Mobile 13c