Denial of Service Add-on

We are committed to keeping our network up and running 24/7 and will do everything in our power to make sure that you are always able to make and receive calls. We constantly monitor our platform and have dozens of servers at our disposal that can be utilized whenever we detect any problems.

The main feature of the DDoS Add-on is that it notifies your Cisco or Obihai VoIP device of any network changes if the VoIP2Go network is under Denial of Service attack. This allows your VoIP equipment to automtically switch over to specially reserved servers that are unknown to anyone other than VoIP2Go.

The VoIP2Go Denial of Service Add-on costs $3 each month - payable via PayPal subscription. This subscription is operates independently of your prepaid call balance. If you cancel the DDoS subscription, your phone service will continue to work as long as there is a positive balance in your account.

Originally designed for use with security systems and businesses who rely heavily on the ability to always make and receive calls, our DDoS Add-on focuses on reliability, not cost. As Customers of other VoIP providers ourselves, we've had a lot of experience in this area and we know how frustrating it is to be without phone service. We provide great technical support and will work with you on your business continuity or disaster recovery plans. If you are prepared for all eventualities, there is no reason you should ever be without phone service.

DNS Provider Redundancy

It is critical that VoIP equipment and software is able to lookup the IP address of a server in order to make a phone call. DNS Providers are tasked with making sure that this is always possible. They generally do an excellent job of this, however, there is always the risk of severe network failures or denial of service attacks. DDoS attacks do not need to be targetted at the domain names used by VoIP providers in order to inflict collateral damage.

If the DNS Provider of a domain name used by a VoIP company suffers outages, then that VoIP provider will be offline until the DNS Providers network recovers. There is absolutely nothing a BYOD VoIP provider can do in situations like this other than to wait patiently until the DNS Provider recovers. As VoIP2Go control the internal settings of every VoIP device subscribing to the DDoSAdd-on, we are able to automatically switch each device to an alternative domain name managed by a different DNS Provider. If necessary, we can even bypass DNS entirely and instruct your VoIP equipment to use the IP addresses of our servers instead.

VoIP Provider Redundancy

It is a well known fact that VoIP Providers are particularly vulnerable to denial of service attacks and there have been many over the years. VoIP2Go is a VoIP Reseller as opposed to a VoIP Provider and we rely on VoIP Providers to connect calls for our Customers. We trust in a company called as our primary partner and they operate servers in more than a dozen cities across the USA, Canada and the UK.

We are realists, and even though the whole network has never been offline, we understand that it is a distinct possiblity that it could happen if they were the specific target of a large DDoS attack. We are prepared for this event and we are able to direct calls through Anveo and a number of other backup VoIP Providers who themselves operate robust networks.