Calls via Anveo... without the complexity

The Anveo VoIP platform was designed by a rocket scientist. The problem is, many consumers feel you have to be a rocket scientist to understand how it works. VoIP2Go takes advantage of the best features that Anveo has to offer and presents it to VoIP consumers in a much more user friendly way - behind the scenes.

Navigating the Anveo web site is not for the faint hearted and like many things with Anveo - you are left guessing. There is no denying the Anveo VoIP Platform is solid, however, as robust as Anveo's network is, they are a VoIP provider at the end of the day and therefore subject to the risk of Denial of Service attacks. VoIP2Go distribute calls between multiple VoIP providers in order to take advantage of the best features that each one has to offer. An added benefit of this approach is the ability to failover to alternative VoIP providers if one of them is offline due to a DDoS attack or other serious network failure. If having dial tone 24/7/365 is important to you then you should take VoIP Provider Redundancy as seriously as we do at VoIP2Go.

We use Anveo Direct for calls that benefit from direct media and often for calls that require the least cost route. VoIP2Go cannot offer all of the advanced features provided by Anveo, but we can certainly take advantage of their Anveo Direct service to get you low latency calls at the lowest possible rates.

VoIP2Go also has service under the hood...